Analytics for a Better World Fellowship – Cohort I

  • 8-week intensive hands-on program
  • Fully Online
  • Beginner-friendly curriculum and pace
  • Mentored by top industry data scientists
  • Supported by our Academic, Public & Private Sector Partners
  • Free access for all participants (from non-profit organizations – 30-40 participants per cohort)
  • Learn ‘art of feasible’ to be inspired and equip yourself with right tools and techniques to implement data-driven solutions and drive your organization to make data-informed decisions
Unique, Global, Tailor-Made for Nonprofits – RECAP!

Stories of Impact from Cohort I


Meet the 43 fellows of the first cohort who work with non-profits and development sector organizations around the globe who spent 8 weeks on a co-creation journey with us!


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The participants of the ABW Academy Cohort I


Throughout the 8-weeks program, each fellow worked with a mentor who dedicated their time and resources to bring the projects to completion.

As with everything in this fellowship, we could not do it without the help, support, guidance, and advice of an amazing community that has proven its commitment to making the world a better place.

We thank all our mentors and trainers for their help in making this fellowship a success!

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Mentors and Trainers of Cohort I of the Academy

Learn from Experts

Dick den Hertog
Science to Impact co-director
Dick den Hertog is Science to Impact Director at ABW, focusing on the academic journal, meet-ups, research projects and the academy.
Dimitris Bertsimas
Science to Impact co-director
Dimitris Bertsimas is Science to Impact Director at ABW, focusing on the academic journal, meet-ups, research projects and the academy.
Priyank Hirani
Associate Director, Capacity Accelerator Network (CAN) |
Priyank Hirani is the Associate Director for the Capacity Accelerator Network (CAN) at, where he strategizes and implements initiatives to democratize data skills and enable social impact organizations to be data-driven. Priyank is responsible for distilling a network-of-networks model for to cultivate 1 million purpose-driven data professionals by 2032 globally. He currently leads the design and deployment of data capacity accelerators, starting with hubs in the United States, sub-Saharan Africa, and India. He brings diverse experiences across continents from the fields of water, health, energy, space science, technology, and climate change to this role.
Lokendra Chauhan
Expert, Geospatial Analytics
Lokendra Chauhan is a GeoAI practitioner and technology policy enthusiast based in Minneapolis in the US. He is currently working on using crowdsourced geospatial data and GeoAI algorithms to solve real-world problems. He is a graduate of IIT Bombay (2003) and Georgia Tech, Atlanta (2007). Previously, he has worked with IIT Bombay, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Grassroots Business Fund, and the Qatar Foundation. Lokendra invests and advises startups and social enterprises commercializing research (primarily AI). He has authored documents like Qatar's national AI strategy, a global study of GeoAI applications and AI policies, and academic papers on GeoAI and AI policy.
Parvathy Krishnan
CTO / Lead Data Scientist
Parvathy Krishnan is the Chief Technology Officer at ABW and focuses on impact projects, technology strategy, and the open-source data products’ repository.
Joaquim Gromicho
Lead Architect
Joaquim Gromicho is Science and Education Officer at ORTEC and Professor of Business Analytics at the University of Amsterdam. At ABW, he is contributing to Research projects as a PhD/MSc supervisor, as a lecturer in the ABW Academy and in advanced analytics projects as the Lead Architect, specializing in prescriptions from large scale data driven mathematical optimization models.
Claudia Orellana-Rodriguez
Claudia is a scientist and engineer whose work leverages the power of machine learning, natural language processing, social network analysis, and opinion mining to unveil patterns of engagement, attention, and influence on the digital era.

Our 2022 Academy Partners

University of Amsterdam Business School MIT ORTEC Cmotions DHL Digital Impact Alliance Qen Labs Inc. Amsterdam Data Collective

Timeline and schedule of the first edition

Topics Covered

  • Mathematics and Statistics for Data Science
  • Data Science Project Lifecycle
  • Python for Data Science
  • Version control with GitHub for Data Scientists
  • Basics of SQL and NoSQL Databases
  • Principles of Digital Development
  • Data Exploration and Visualization
  • Dashboarding with Data
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Introduction to Optimization
  • Deep Learning Fundamentals
  • Building Data Products with Open-Source Frameworks (Python Flask and Django)

Week 1, 2, and 3 - Fundamentals

- Solid understanding of fundamentals required to implement an end-to-end data science project (Only using open-source/free tools and techniques)

- Learn the “Art-of-feasible”

- Hands-on training on tools and techniques

- 8 hours per week (24 hours in total of in-person sessions)

- Include pre-recorded videos and preparatory materials for beginners (online)

Electives Available

  • Business Intelligence
  • Geospatial Data Analysis
  • Text Mining
  • Time Series Forecasting
  • Computer Vision
  • Optimization Models

Week 4 - Deep Dive

- Learn Advanced tools and techniques in specilizations

- Hands-on Training

- Case Study Demonstrations by invited global experts

- Participants are free to chose based on their availability

- 4 sessions of 2 hours each

Project Scoping Week

  • Work in a Data Science Project
  • Organize multi-stakeholder consultations
  • Facilitated Ideation workshop for Project Scoping

Week 5 - Define your project

- Identify your Data Analytics Use Case

- Mapping stakeholders to be part of your supervisory panel

Project Implementation Week

  • Co-create with a team of mentors, and supervisors (from ABW and your organization)
  • Peer-to-peer learning (be part of the cohort community and learn from your peers)
  • Documenting and Communicating your Use Case Implementation

Week 6, 7, and 8 - Let's Co-create

- You will be tagged to one experienced data science practitioner as Mentor

-Learn how to use data as a strategic tool in Data-informed and Data-driven decision making

- Learn how to communicate effectively the solutions to stakeholders and your peers

Application for cohort II are now open!

- Develop your own analytics products, with mentoring support end-to-end from Problem Definition to Deployment

- Co-create for solving a use case in your organization

- Get hands-on experience with Data Science Tools, Techniques and Way of Working

Application for cohort II are now open!

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