ABW Academy

Analytics for a Better World Academy is set up to develop strategic and tailored courses for Analytics Practitioners’ and Data and Digital Leaders within non-profit organizations. We provide free courses to our cohort of participants who join the three structured courses offered yearly. Each cohort will include 30-40 participants who are selected based on their motivation.

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ABW Fellowship Program

Are you currently employed in a nonprofit organization, looking to upskill yourself in Data Science to become a Data Science Practitioner? And are you excited to be part of an intensive 8-week applied data science fellowship program? Then the ABW Fellowship Program might be for you.

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ABW Fellowship Program

Join the second cohort of the ABW Fellowship

(courses will be scheduled in 2023)

The goal of the program is to learn the ‘art of feasible’, to be inspired and equip  yourself with the right tools and techniques to  implement data-driven solutions and drive your organisation to make data-informed decisions​..

Within the 8-week program you will through four different phases:

  • Fundamentals, including:
    • Getting Started with Data Science
    • Version Control with GitHub for Data Scientists
    • Principles of Digital Development. Mateus
    • Data Exploration and Visualization
    • Dashboarding Fundamentals, Tools and Techniques
    • Mathematics and Statistics for Data Scientists
    • Introduction to Machine Learning
    • Explainable AI
  • Specializations such as Business Intelligence, Text Mining, Machine Learning, and Geospatial Data Analysis.
  • Project Scoping. Learn how to define and scope a project relevant to you and your organisation.
  • Project Implementation. Hands on mentoring that will help you bring your idea to execution.
Bootcamp for Non-profit Executives

During this two-day interactive Bootcamp for executives at Non-profit and Public Sector organizations, you will learn how to put together a data science team with complementary skillsets for successful design and implementation of the digital components in your projects. This Bootcamp will include case studies that show what is possible with Data and Digital in your specific field, so you can be a thought leader and initiator of ideas within and outside of your organization. The content will also cover topics such as  Data Science Pipeline, how to include Principles of Digital Development in your projects, and how to define goals and targets for the projects.

  • Become a thought leader in the field and understand what’s possible with Data and Digital Tools and Techniques
  • Understand the structure of the data science pipeline
  • Building a Data Science Team for your project and How to complement Development Projects with the right Data and Digital skillsets
  • Common pitfalls and how to overcome them while implementing Data Science Projects
Analytics Translators

Analytics Translators are a crucial part of project teams at non-profits, who work in projects with a data and digital components. Analytics Translators are not data scientists, engineers or architects.  They’re not even necessarily dedicated analytics professionals and they are not expected to develop models or even know programming. Instead, they play a critical role in bridging the technical expertise of data engineers and data scientists with the operational expertise of humanitarian response, monitoring and evaluation, impact assessment, climate risks and vulnerability, etc. which are very relevant to the activities of your non-profit’s agenda. In their role, translators help ensure that the deep insights generated through sophisticated analytics translate into impact at scale and make sure Analytics is not done for analytics’ sake, but is integrated into the decision-making process.

We will soon be launching a 4-day translator training targeting non-profit sector’s requirements and use cases.

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