Team and organization

Our core team

Parvathy Krishnan
CTO / Lead Data Scientist
Parvathy Krishnan is the Chief Technology Officer at ABW and focuses on impact projects, technology strategy, and the open-source data products’ repository.
Dick den Hertog
Science to Impact co-director
Dick den Hertog is Science to Impact Director at ABW, focusing on the academic journal, meet-ups, research projects and the academy.
Robert Monné
Managing Director
Robert Monné is Managing Director of ABW and focuses on strategy, partnership building and developing the institute.
Dimitris Bertsimas
Science to Impact co-director
Dimitris Bertsimas is Science to Impact Director at ABW, focusing on the academic journal, meet-ups, research projects and the academy.
Claudia Orellana-Rodriguez
Claudia is a scientist and engineer whose work leverages the power of machine learning, natural language processing, social network analysis, and opinion mining to unveil patterns of engagement, attention, and influence on the digital era.
Britt van Veggel
PhD Candidate
Britt van Veggel is a PhD student at the University of Amsterdam. Her research focusses on advanced analytics to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals
Joaquim Gromicho
Lead Architect
Joaquim Gromicho is Science and Education Officer at ORTEC and Professor of Business Analytics at the University of Amsterdam. At ABW, he is contributing to Research projects as a PhD/MSc supervisor, as a lecturer in the ABW Academy and in advanced analytics projects as the Lead Architect, specializing in prescriptions from large scale data driven mathematical optimization models.
Marta Bordignon
Outreach and Event Manager
Marta is a Corporate Communication Master's student at the University of Amsterdam. At ABW she focuses on the outreach and marketing, as well as on in person and online event planning and coordination.
Kate Molly Henry
Lead of Operations and Project Manager
At ABW, Kate focuses on ensuring successful collaboration with all partners, sponsors, and research teams. With over 6 years of project management experience and a background in data analytics, she has witnessed the power of data analytics and the impacts that a well managed project can have for an organization.

Supervisory board

Willemijn van Dolen
Supervisory board member
Michael van Duijn
Supervisory board member
Marc Salomon
Supervisory board member
Frans van Helden
Supervisory board member

Affiliates / researchers

Hein Fleuren
Professor of Business Analytics at Tilburg University
Maarten Sukel
AI Lead CTO innovation team at the municipality of Amsterdam
Jean Pauphilet
Assistant Professor at London Business School
Jean is an Assistant Professor of Business Analytics at London Business School. In his research, he develops methods for large-scale optimization, optimization under uncertainty and machine learning, and applies them to hospital management and sustainable operations.
Baizhi Song
PhD student at London Business School
Baizhi is a PhD student in Management Science and Operations at London Business School. His research interests involve data-driven decision-making, optimization under uncertainty and other topics from the intersection of machine learning and optimization.
Dr. Chintan Amrit
Associate Professor
Associate Professor at the Department of Operations Management, at the University of Amsterdam. He has completed his PhD from the University of Twente in the area of Coordination in Software Development. He holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. In the past, he has worked for three years as a software engineer. His research interests are in the area of business intelligence (using machine learning), open-source development (through mining software repositories), and applying analytics in projects that focus on the UN’s sustainable development goals.
Reza Mohammadi
Assistant Professor University of Amsterdam
Assistant Professor of Statistics in the Business Analytics Section of the University of Amsterdam. As a statistician and data scientist, my research interests lie in developing efficient computational methods for inference and learning from high-dimensional multivariate data in econometrics, machine learning, neuroscience, and health care. My current research is focused on developing Bayesian statistical methods in graphical models for multivariate statistical analysis to understand the underlying mechanisms in complex systems. These methods have many applications, such as health care to capture brain connectivity to treat Alzheimer's.
Stevan Rudinac
Associate Professor of AI for Business at the UvA Business School
Justin Starreveld
PhD candidate UvA
Justin Starreveld is a PhD student at the University of Amsterdam. His research looks at the optimization of investment decision regarding the production, storage and transportation of hydrogen in the Netherlands. The goal of this research project is to ensure that the investment strategy is robust to uncertainty regarding future developments in technology, economics, policymaking, etc.
Zihang Qiu
PhD candidate UvA
Zihang Qiu is a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam. His research focuses on online adaptive treatment planning for proton radiotherapy.

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