For nonprofits

For nonprofits

Why Analytics for a Better World?

Humankind faces big challenges: reducing poverty, combating climate change and ensuring healthcare accessibility. We believe analytics can play an important role in finding solutions, since data analytics was successfully applied by companies already, and it has improved performance by 10% to 15%. We work on a non-profit basis and use the same techniques to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. We believe the same effects can be translated to the non-profit sector, thus we can jointly have a major impact.

Our goal is to support non-profits such as yourself to amplify your impact by promoting intrapreneurship within the teams, equipping you with the right tools and techniques, and by co-designing and co-creating digital solutions for your technical and organizational challenges. We support your digital transformation by providing strategic consultancy, training, and mentorship.

Co-create with us

Deploying analytics projects to create impact

We aim for long term partnerships to maximize strategic value and grow analytical competencies of our nonprofit partners. We offer in-depth analytics expertise and experience and are a ‘one stop shop’. Our analytics services are:

  1. Use case ideation and design
  2. Proof of Concept / prototype development
  3. MVP software development
  4. Organizational analytical capability building

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Recent Stories of Impact

Nonprofits we collaborate with

510 – an initiative of The Netherlands Red Cross Amref Health Africa World bank World Health Organisation The Ocean Cleanup
From research to impact

These days, non-profits and social enterprises are solving complex problems in a system thinking approach. This means some of them need to pursue quality research to increase their understanding, improve their operations and programs, and advance their public policy and public awareness initiatives.

Through a network of PhD and Master students spread across Amsterdam Business School, MIT and other academic partners, we collaborate with non-profits in research specifically in using non-traditional data sources such as Satellite Imagery, Citizen-Generated Data, Texts and Images.

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Data Science for a Better World Fellowship Program

Are you currently employed in a nonprofit organization, looking to upskill yourself in Data Science to become a Data Science Practitioner? And are you excited to be part of an intensive 8-week applied data science fellowship program? Then the ABW Fellowship Program might be for you.

Data Science for a Better World Fellowship Program

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Why reinvent the wheel every time?

We believe that there are already a lot of tools available out there, which with minimum customizations and understanding can already be used by non-profits to augment their capabilities. Sadly, these tools and the complementary use case implementations could be scattered across multiple platforms and repositories. Our goal is to curate these into a single searchable platform which is easy for non-profits to navigate, access, implement and scale within their organization. We offer you a curated list of tools that can be used by non-profits in implementing their Data and Digital Use Cases.

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ABW Repository

The vision and personal motivation from our founders

What's happening?

Launch conference announcement
Launch conference announcement

The Analytics for a Better World institute will kick-off with a conference on 1 June 2022 at the University of Amsterdam. Please find more information below on this institute, this conference and registration.

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Workshop: Using digital principles and data science for M&E
Workshop: Using digital principles and data science for M&E

We organized a workshop about data science and digital principles with our partner AMREF Health and FINISH mondial, with participants from Kenya, Uganda and The Netherlands

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