Analytics for a Better World – Launch Conference

Analytics for a Better World – Launch Conference

The Amsterdam Business School and analytics and technology company ORTEC have founded the Analytics for a Better World (ABW) Institute in collaboration with Professor Dimitris Bertsimas of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology The institute will work with NGOs, governments and non-profit organisations to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations such as  no poverty, good health and well-being and climate action using data and analytics.


1 June 2022: Launching conference

On 1 June 2022 (from 14:00-17:10 CET) we organized the launch conference to bring together our key partners, researchers and (potential) sponsors. Our aim was to inspire each other, share ABW’s vision and plans and explore opportunities for collaboration. The event was hosted by the University of Amsterdam, in the new Hybrid Learning Theater. We also welcomed participants online!

Below you find the recordings from the inspiring sessions –

ABW Conference Launch Video

It takes Two to Tango!

Optimal Humanitarian Depot Locations

Creating Impact with Data Analytics for Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Preparedness

Getting Predictive Analytics Right

Geospatial Planning and Budgeting Platform

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