Vacancy: Supervisory Board Members

Vacancy: Supervisory Board Members

Supervisory Board Member: Nonprofits and Social Innovation

We are currently seeking a Supervisory Board Member who will play a pivotal role in expanding our NGO network, providing valuable insights on NGOs, social innovation, and sustainable development. As an ambassador for our organization, you will have the opportunity to broaden our reach, support fundraising efforts, and contribute to the strategic growth and sustainability of Analytics for a Better World. Key areas of focus for this position include:

Ambassadorship and Network Expansion: Act as a representative and advocate for Analytics for a Better World, initiating relationships with relevant NGOs, institutions, and key stakeholders. Your expertise and connections will help us build a strong network and foster collaborations that drive sustainable development.

Expertise in NGOs, Social Innovation, and Sustainable Development: Bring your leadership experience in the nonprofit sector to the table, providing valuable insights and guidance to the team on effectively addressing societal challenges. Your understanding of social innovation and sustainable development practices will contribute to shaping our strategies and initiatives.

Fundraising Support: Share your experience in finding and securing funding for nonprofits to support our organization in identifying potential funding opportunities, crafting compelling grant proposals, and cultivating relationships with donors and partners. Your expertise will be instrumental in increasing the financial sustainability of our initiatives.

Qualifications: To strengthen the diversity and expertise of our supervisory board, we are seeking an individual withthe following skills and attributes:

Diversity in Board: We value diversity and inclusivity, and we seek candidates who will contribute to enriching the composition of our board. Women and members of minority communities are highly encouraged to respond.
Leadership Experience in NGOs: A proven track record of leadership within the nonprofit sector is essential.
Experience with Leading Social Innovation Programs or Initiatives: Demonstrated expertise in driving social innovation and leading programs or initiatives that have made a positive impact.
Experience with LMIC Context: Familiarity with working in Low- and Middle-Income Country (LMIC) contexts is highly desirable.
Social Science Background: Having already a strong representation in technical sciences in the organization, we want to amend this with contrasting experiences and backgrounds
Expertise on Finding and Securing Funding for Nonprofits: have relevant expertise to advise the team on identifying funding opportunities and secure financial support for nonprofit initiatives.
You’re based in NL but have an International Background: The ideal candidate should be based in the Netherlands, with a strong international background.

Supervisory Board Member: Exposure, Outreach and Communication

We are currently seeking a Supervisory Board Member who will play a vital role in expanding our outreach, enhancing our networking efforts, and increasing our exposure to a wider audience. As an ambassador for our organization, you will leverage your expertise in public relations, marketing, and networking to raise awareness about our initiatives and drive meaningful engagement. Key areas of focus for this position include:

Outreach and Networking: Act as a representative and advocate for Analytics for a Better World, actively seeking opportunities to engage with relevant stakeholders, including potential partners, donors, and influencers. Your ability to build relationships and network strategically will contribute to expanding our reach and fostering collaborations.

Exposure and Public Relations: Advise us with your expertise in public relations to enhance our visibility and shape our public image. Advise us on strategies to effectively communicate our mission, initiatives, and impact to diverse audiences through various channels. Your efforts will contribute to building a strong reputation for Analytics for a Better World.

Marketing and Communication: Advise the team to develop marketing strategies and campaigns that effectively convey our value proposition and attract stakeholders. Your expertise in marketing will help drive engagement, reach, and participation in our programs and events.

Stakeholder Engagement: Introduce us to stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations, ensuring our initiatives are relevant and impactful. Your ability to listen and build strong relationships will foster collaboration and support our mission.

Branding and Positioning: Provide strategic guidance on branding and positioning to ensure consistency and resonance across our communications. Your expertise will help strengthen our brand identity and differentiate us in the field of sustainable development.

Qualifications: To strengthen the diversity and expertise of our supervisory board, we are seeking an individual who possesses the following skills and attributes:

Outreach and Networking Experience: Proven experience in networking and outreach, with a track record of building relationships and partnerships.
Public Relations and Marketing Expertise: Demonstrated experience in public relations, marketing, or related fields, with a deep understanding of effective communication strategies.
Strategic Thinker: A strategic mindset with the ability to identify opportunities, assess risks, and make informed decisions.
Stakeholder Engagement Skills: Strong interpersonal and communication skills, enabling you to connect with diverse stakeholders and build meaningful relationships.
Branding and Positioning Knowledge: Familiarity with branding principles and the ability to contribute to the development and maintenance of a strong brand identity.
Passion for Sustainable Development: A genuine passion for creating positive change and contributing to the sustainable development goals.
Based in the Netherlands: The ideal candidate should be based in the Netherlands, allowing for easy participation in face-to-face board meetings, while having a strong international focus & network.

We are looking forward to onboard our new a Supervisory Board Members per October 1st. We are looking for a passionate volunteer that likes to help NGOs seize the benefits of computer science/AI/applied mathematics and OR for the greater good.

As a member of the ABW Supervisory Board, you will help, advice and guide ABW to achieve its maximum potential, will be working with other passionate professionals to further the organization, and interact with top-tier academics in their fields. The board comes together every 2 months, for a 2-3 hour meeting.

The process will entail the following steps:

  1. Submit motivational letter and CV by August 15th, 2023 to this email address: or to your existing contact at ABW

  2. 2 rounds of interviews end of August / early September
  3. Decision-making: mid September
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