Paper published on ‘how to merge two digital roadmaps into one’

Paper published on ‘how to merge two digital roadmaps into one’

Dick den Hertog (University of Amsterdam, ABW Institute) together with researchers from Tilburg University / ZHL and MIT / PEMPEM wrote a paper “Enhancing digital road networks for better operations in developing countries”. See 2022_014.pdf ( The new method developed in this paper is able to merge two digital roadmaps into one, or to use trajectories, collected from vehicles equipped with GPS trackers, to complement existing road networks. The code will be added to the repository of ABW.

Combining road networks

A collaboration between:

Zero Hunger Lab MIT Pempem

Want to know more abou the research, checkout the people involved:

Valentijn Stienen
Lecturer and PhD student Zero Hunger Lab
Dick den Hertog
Science to Impact co-director
Dick den Hertog is Science to Impact Director at ABW, focusing on the academic journal, meet-ups, research projects and the academy.
Joris Wagenaar
Assistant Professor Tilburg University Zero Hunger Lab
Parvathy Krishnan
CTO / Lead Data Scientist
Parvathy Krishnan is the Chief Technology Officer at ABW and focuses on impact projects, technology strategy, and the open-source data products’ repository.
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