Introducing Irina Ionita: Outreach and Event Manager

Introducing Irina Ionita: Outreach and Event Manager

We are happy to announce our new Outreach and Event Manager: Irina Ioniță!

At ABW, Irina will focus on ensuring successful communication regarding our NGO’s developments, as well as keeping our community connected through online and in-person events. With 3 years of communications and events experience, and an academic background in communication science and media, they have has witnessed the impact of close-knit, empathetic communities can have for organizations as well as for the world.

We asked Irina a few questions to get to know them better!

Can you tell us more about you?

My name is Irina Ioniță. I grew up in Bucharest and moved to Amsterdam, NL in 2019 for my Bachelor’s in Media & Information at the University of Amsterdam. I am a spoken-word poet and a debate trainer for high school students that loves to collect subscriptions, so one can often find me maxing out my Cineville or Museumkaart subscriptions. In 2025, I will complete my second Master’s degree in Sociology at the University of Amsterdam.

What are you looking forward to at ABW?

I am eager to put ABW on the map for as many partners as possible. I truly believe that technology can be used for kind purposes when loving and responsible people learn how to harness its potential.

Which one is your favorite UN Sustainable Development Goal and why?

Definitely #10 – Reduced Inequalities – Reduce inequality within and among countries. I believe everyone deserves to achieve their utmost potential and that systemic barriers need to be confronted and dismantled for this to happen. Resilient love in community will be our best tool to resist the ups and downs of the unfolding challenging political and economic climates.

Welcome Irina, we are very happy to have you on the ABW team!

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