CMotions joins Analytics for a Better World!

CMotions joins Analytics for a Better World!

It is official! Analytics for a Better World has a started a collaboration with Cmotions, with the aim of applying advanced analytics to social issues.

Robert Monné, Managing Director of ABW: “We are very happy with the current and future pro-bono contribution of Cmotions to contribute to a better world with analytics. For example, we work together in the ABW Fellowship for data science practitioners (a free program for non-profit employees), in which Cmotions teaches and guides participants to work independently with data analytics for their organization. In addition, I see many opportunities to jointly do projects with non-profit organizations, such as strategic roadmaps to help the analytics maturity grow in NGOs or to contribute to our repository with free analytics software and tools for NGOs. “

In this collaboration, Cmotions will deliver its knowledge and skills to data-driven, social projects where ABW is currently part of, such as efficient removal of plastic from the ocean and ensuring good food distribution. Kees Groenewoud, CEO of Cmotions: “I feel incredibly grateful to contribute to society with the help of advanced analytics and data science. By working with ABW we can make more impact. Within Cmotions we have set up a ‘task force’ that deals with the question of how we can best support ABW in their mission to make the world a little more beautiful and better with data. In other words, as our slogan says: creating a better future with data!”

About CMotions

CMotions is committed to use advanced analytics and data science to explain and predict developments important for the management of an organization. This ensures optimal deployment of people, processes and resources. They do this by providing consulting and teaching services in various specializations and across different industries.

Cmotions Analytics for a Better World
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