Research meetup 8 – Space technology for social and environmental impact

This session explores the use of remote sensing, geospatial analysis and artificial intelligence to provide novel geospatial insights for increased operational efficiency and data-driven transparency. We focus on two projects A) Illegal Logging Detection and Prediction, a service to prevent unmanaged extraction of timber resources from protected and unprotected regions. Satellite data is processed to deliver actionable insights for rapid responses as well as detection of risk zones for strategic actions. B) Big Data NO2 Observatory, a platform that visualizes and explores how tropospheric nitrogen dioxide (NO2) can be used as a proxy to assess differences in socio-economic development and human activity. It takes the pandemic as a unique analysis period and presents patterns and behaviours of this pollutant in a way that is accessible and meaningful to sub national governments, citizens and policy-makers.

Link to webinar recording

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